App trends for 2017


App trends for 2017
January 12, 2017

We look at the top 5 trends you can expect to see in the app sphere this year...



Bot On

Since their deployment on Messenger last April, experiments with bots are increasing rapidly.  For now, these "robots" rely on a hybrid model that combines human service and automated responses.The necessary skills - artificial intelligence, a wide range of data (a “general knowledge” if you will) as well as natural speech – are improving constantly.  2017 will be the year of learning for bots.  "We need to give them time. It is by use (machine learning) and by gathering data (the questions and answers of the users), that the bot will become more and more intelligent, relevant,” recognizes Renaud Menerat, president of France’s Mobile Marketing Association, “Behind the bot, there is also the notion of personal assistant, it is basically the vocation of the smartphone, which will become more and more human.”


Don’t Touch365941 siri icon

From keyboard to mouse to touchscreen, our method of interacting with devices has changed over the years.  But the latest form of interaction, voice control, after a slow start is finally properly taking hold.  All the digital giants have developed clever voice interfaces - Apple with Siri, Google with Now, Microsoft with Cortana, Amazon with Echo, and so on.  In instant messaging, the ability to send sounds rather than text is developing at high speed.  In 2017 will see this march to voice continue unabated with more and more apps containing vocal interfaces.


Augmented reality

The popularity of Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that reached 500 million downloads, is a sign of a strong appetite for this sort of tech.  The challenge for brands is to add an overlay of information and services on real life 2017 will see many remaining technical difficulties and constraints overcome.  Also expect to see increasingly creative implementations of the technology.


iot 1200aApp interactions and IoT

In recent years, all companies have been collecting data en masse 2017 will see better use and sharing of this data through increased app interactions – both with each other and with other devices.  Privacy concerns aside, this promises to make our lives, activities and transactions smoother and easier.  While apps have been interacting for a long time with each and websites through APIs, their increasing interaction with other devices such as fridges and microwaves (involvement in what’s known as “the internet of things”) is truly exciting.  An app that changes the lights based on your mood may not be far away!


Physical meets digital

The “phygital”, the convergence of online and offline, is still in its infancy.  The phygital seeks to combine the convenience and utility of the internet with the premium customer service of an in-store visit.  The smartphone has become the point of fusion between visiting an actual store and sitting at home online shopping.  The physical store will be transformed throughout the year - expect to see more apps that integrate, cleverly, with an instore experience.


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