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Thalmic Labs' Myo Wristband

Tablet news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
January 15, 2014

Perhaps the most exciting device is the armband that lets you control a computer or tablet with gestures...

Thalmic Labs’ Myo
uses sensors to detect the electric activity generated when your brain sends signals to your muscles to move.The processor inside Myo that knows which muscle movements are associated with which gestures and relays this data to your tablet. You can turn up tunes with your wrist - or fire bullets in a first person shooter just by making a fist.

Charging devices can be a chore so Intel has created an easier way to power up. Throw your gadgets in Intel’s Smart Bowl and they’ll start charging wirelessly thanks to magnetic resonance technology.

iPad holders - Whether you’re camping or cooking in the kitchen, there’s an iPad holder made for almost any location. Well now there really is one for ANY location. Introducing the CTA Digital Pedestal - the iPad holder for your toilet. And age is no barrier here with CTA’s Digital iPotty for toddlers.

Appliances were a hot CES trend. Decor cooked up a smart stove. The Discovery IQ range sports a built-in Android tablet so you can control the oven remotely or check Facebook as you chef-it-up.

A "Connected Toothbrush" from French startup Kolibree rounds off our list of interesting tablet developments from the show. This handy device uses sensors to detect how long and how thoroughly you brush and sends that info to a mobile app - perhaps the dentist’s dream.