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Apple Clips
March 22, 2017

We look at Apple's exciting upcoming release that takes on Instagram and Snapchat


Apple Clips screenshotYou’ve got some great photos and video clips on your iPhone’s reel – you could make a movie if only you didn’t have fight with audio tracks, timelines and involved editing software. Apple hears you and is coming to the rescue with the impending release of its new app “Clips”.

Exclusive to Apple users, this free app is an easy to use video editing and content creation tool with built in sharing features. The images effects, emojis, stickers and filters bring to mind apps like Snapchat or Instagram, however there are some notable differences (and improvements).

Clips takes advantage of clever features that are already part of your device’s firmware. For instance, Face Recognition is used to bring up frequently used themes and music associated with a particular person as well to suggest recipients with whom to share your finished product.

The best example of this, however, is the integration of voice recognition into what Apple calls “Live Titles”. Not only does the app turn your spoken words into subtitled text in any of 36 languages and myriad fonts and styles, it matches the display of the text to the cadence of your voice. This easily accessible live commentary promises to interest to clips or at least make your videos viewable in public without earphones.

Clips will be compatible with devices that have iOS 10.3 installed, and downloadable on both the iPhone and iPad from early April. Instagram and Snapchat – you’re on notice!