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Top Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency apps (even some that give it away)
October 17, 2017

Given the current Bitcoin mania, we look at apps that let you follow the price of, and even win, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is rising like foam and can jump hundreds of dollars in a single day. Since December last year it has risen from under US$1000 to over US$5500 at the time of writing. If you haven’t got involved yet, perhaps now is the time.


Get “free” Bitcoin with these Apps:

There are some apps that will give you Bitcoin in return for performing simple tasks (note, however, that it will take a fair amount of time to accumulate a substantial amount of Bitcoin). Unfortunately, this can only be done on Android - the offerings on iPhone are restricted due to Apple’s stricter regulations.

bitmakerBitmaker: With this app you receive Bitcoin as payment for viewing ads or considering new games, apps, products and services. You receive a small amount of Bitcoin every 30 minutes.

cashoCasho: Here you have the option to choose what you want to win, be it Bitcoin, dollars, gift card and mobiles. To get your prizes you must fill out surveys, play games, install applications on your mobile phone with Android operating system.

blockchaingameBlockchain Game: This app follows the mining philosophy of Bitcoin, in which you have to complete long blocks chains for profit. The longer the chain is, the more Bitcons you receive.

Of course, you should bear in mind that it will take a while for you to make any substantial amounts of cryptocurrency.  Based on the value of Bitcoin at the date of posting, Bitmaker will probably reward you with about $10 worth of Bitcoin for each week of intermittent ad viewing. However, given the likely ongoing appreciation of these assets, you’ll have a growing stash and this is a good way to get into a promising investment if you’d rather avoid risking your cash.


Top apps to follow the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

Unfortunately though, Bitcoin and its cousins are particularly volatile and price can change rapidly. So it is worthwhile monitoring its price with some of the following apps: 

lawnmower appLawnmower (for Android and iPhone/iOS): This is a great investment and research tool for the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency market, however you’ll need a Coinbase account. You can even set up your account to buy or sell automatically at set prices.

bitcoin tracker appBitcoin Tracker (for iPhone/iOS): In iOS one of the best applications is 'Bitcoin Tracker'. It not only shows Bitcoin, but also an extremely vast range of other cryptocurrencies – even those with very low capitalization.

Bitcoin Checker appBitcoin Checker (for Android): Besides showing cryptocurrency prices, this app allows you to receive notifications when the price hits a certain level.