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Choosr released today!
August 14, 2015

Available today, ground-breaking app Choosr lets people easily and accurately crowdsource opinions on virtually anything. Choosr allows anyone to get targeted opinions fast and free.

PRESS RELEASE - For immediate Release

SAN JOSE, California – April 29, 2015: Available today, ground-breaking iOS app Choosr lets anyone easily and accurately crowdsource opinions on virtually anything. Users can both ask questions and vote on others’ at the same time. When posting a question, users give up to 4 options, each one consisting of an image and/or statement/caption. To get a target audience’s opinion, they can also filter the age range and sex of the voters.

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To ensure accurate answering, when voting users select categories that interest them and can skip questions that they can't or don't want to answer. The result is a quick, easily sourced and targeted answer to virtually any question – from “what should I wear tonight?” to “Which is the best logo for my hardware business?”

Creator Alex Harrington says he had the idea when thinking about an app that would simply help people choose what to wear: “But I thought, why stop at that? Why not let them ask anything at all? There’s a whole source of untapped opinions and thoughts that we can bring right to people’s fingertips.”.

Issues and decisions that the app could be used to get opinions on include:
* Fashion ("What should I wear?")
* Fun hypotheticals ("Would you rather...?")
* Interest in a new idea ("would you use an app that locates florists?")
* Business decisions ("Which logo looks best?" or "which product packaging looks best"?
* Purchases ("Which color suits our walls best?" or "Which puppy should I buy?")
* Teen interests ("Who's hotter - 1D or Justin Bieber?")
* Relationships ("What should I get my wife for anniversary?" or "what should I do about a cheating partner?")

Its simple layout, featuring an Instagram-style tab bar, makes it easy and intuitive for new users.


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