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 App Consulting and Marketing

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Lexington Creative offers a full consulting service to guide you through all steps of app design, development and marketing. We have extensive experience in developing both our own applications and applications for other individuals and companies.

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We can help you with the following:


App Design  

What makes a quality app?
What is the best type of app to achieve my purpose?

What is the programming language and how does it work?
How do I create a visual appeal that will entice consumers to purchase my app?
How can I include in-app sales in my app?


How do I or my company become an app Developer?
What is the Apple approval process and how can I best expedite it?
What is the best pricing strategy?
How do I maximise revenue from in-app advertising?
How do I conduct in-app sales? 


What are the most effective methods for getting my app sufficient attention?
How can I maximize word of mouth publicity and best use social media such as
       Facebook, Twitter and Reddit?
How can I achieve positive ratings for my application?
How do I best interact with different geographic, demographic and linguistic
       market segments?


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