Our App Development Principles

Our App Development Principles

 Driving all that we do here at Lexington Creative are our 6 core App Development Principles:

1.  Customer focus

We know that the reason our business exists is you - the customer. We reward our staff based on customer satisfaction milestones and performance pay based on the number of sales your app achieves.

2.  Providing value to end users

Although this seems fairly obvious, it's vital to have this in mind - nobody is going to download an app unless it has some value to them - whether that be in assisting with a task, pure enjoyment or other functionality.

3.  Simplicity of design

The success of the iPhone and the Android was largely thanks to finally simplifying the realm of computing that had confused the average person for so long. It's no secret that the best performing apps are those which are simple and easy to use.

4.  Seamless, efficient code  

At the core of any winning app is rock-sold, streamlined code that can easily be adapted for future versions/updates. For this reason, we've hired the very best coders in the field and have coders who specialize on particular niche areas to make sure we inclde the very best code for every part of every app we development.

5.  Flexibility

A development system that allows for changes or improvements in the process is the gold standard in the industry. Along the way, we might find ways of doing things or other features or ideas that you could add to your app at no extra charge to you.

6.  Unlimited ongoing support for the life of the app

We know you might want to change features of the app as time goes on or just want help with simple administrative tasks related to the app or advice on changes to positioning and marketing should a competitor appear. Tying in with Principle #1, we provide this assistance for no extra cost.