Some of our past work

SportsGoodDick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods asked us to develop an app that would showcase their impressive range of sports goods as well as enhance customers' in-store experience. We came up with and developed an app that did the following and more:
* Allows users to scan products in-store so that they can read product reviews and special promotions or "easter eggs"
Incorporates an improved online loyalty program (Dick's Sporting Goods' ScoreCard)
* Allows users to shop using the app without the need to step into an actual store.



Here are some screenshots from the app:



The front screen provides space for an remotely-                            We included Dick's customer loyalty program in
changeable ad for daily deals                                                              an easy to use format 



 A section is included for promotions and specials with                       And customers can easily browse through all the
  images, incentives to buy and price clearly marked                       store's products by category or search for any item


Note also the scan function at the top right of each screen which allows users to immediately scan an item in-store regardless of
what screen they are currently on. This allows the user to read product reviews and special promotions or "easter eggs".